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    "Have you prayed for something and

    didn't get it?"

  • Have you ever prayed your heart out and NOT had it manifest?


    Why don’t we always get our prayers answered?
    It doesn’t make a lot of sense to us when we are doing our prayer work for the things that we really, really need and we are holding that in faith that it will be taken care of, but they just are not lining up or it’s just a slow drip of support instead of the flood of support that you really need.
    There is a spiritual bank. Filled with your prayer requests. God wants you to have what is in the bank, but God won’t force us to change or to receive. There is a natural evolution that we all have that when we learn more, we want better things and when we keep ourselves in a place that is a lower vibration than what we have evolved to be, then it will look like God is intervening in your life to make something happen, but really it is your energy not able to be contained anymore. Change has to happen when change for your growth is realized. We can hold it back for a while, but then whammo, something breaks open and changes will be made for you to catch your life up with your new consciousness. Make sense?
    That’s what free will is really about.


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    Another blurb from the book.

    Usually the reasons we are NOT ready for it is so far in the background that we are not conscious about why we can’t just have what we want.
    It usually goes like this...
    I want this. I am asking for it. I am believing that you will provide it for me. We wait.
    It doesn’t come.
    We cry. I need this! I am asking for this! I am believing that you will provide it for me! I am a good person. I do good things. I deserve this. We wait.
    It doesn’t come.
    We cry harder. Please God!
    I really need this! Why won’t you take care of me?! I am a faithful person! I do good things! Please take care of me!
    Now it is like we have been locked out for not putting the right password in too many times. No matter how hard we cry, what we have asked for is just not coming.
    It’s not that God doesn’t want you to have your heart's desire. It’s that there is something that has to happen to receive it that you, on some level, are not willing to do. Or there is someone else in the equation that is not willing to do something that has to be done for you to have it.

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